Brochures and Booklets

Here you will find essential, helpful, and valuable literature pertaining to mosquitoes, rats and mice, skunks, yellowjacets, ticks, and Africanized honey bees. Also provided, although not part of our programs or services, is information about Raccoon Roundworm and mites. We encourage you to download and/or print this material for reference purposes.

imageAbout Us


image Acerca de nosotros


image Are You Raising Mosquitoes in your Backyard?



image ┬┐Esta usted criando mosquitoes?



image The Western Tree Hole Mosquito



image Insects Commonly Mistaken for Mosquitoes



image Invasive Mosquito Species of California



image Mosquitofish Care



image Rats and Mice: Prevention and Control



image Previnir y controlar las ratas



imageMice Prevention and Control


imageFacts About Hantavirus


image Skunk Prevention and Control



image Yellowjacket Control



image Ticks and Lyme Disease



imagePrevenga las picaduras de garrapatas

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