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Please note: To be considered for any District employment opportunity,
you MUST complete and then submit a job application via email, regular mail, fax, or deliver the application in person to our office:

Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District
155 Mason Circle
Concord, California 94520
Phone: (925) 685-9301
Fax: (925) 685-0266
Email: ccmvcd@contracostamosquito.com

Along with your job application, you may also send us your resume, which we will keep on file for a period of two years. The employment application will also be kept on file for a period of two years. Should any openings occur during that time, your application will be automatically considered.

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Operations Manager


Job Title: Operations Manager

Department: Operations
Salary Range Monthly: $7,956 - $10,662
FLSA Employment Status: Exempt

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Under the direction of the General Manager, provides leadership to, plans, organizes, and directs operational programs and facilities. Supervises and coordinates the activities of the Operations Department, demonstrates a full understanding and ensures compliance with federal and state laws, county and city ordinances, District’s policies and procedures, as well as represented employees' Memorandum of Understanding. Coordinates assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies and vendors, supervises and coordinates the maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds, and equipment.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Must have the knowledge, experience, education, and demonstrated ability in supervision, communication, planning and organization.

Operations: Plans, organizes, and directs the District’s control programs with the assistance of the Program Supervisors and makes recommendations to the General Manager on program direction, strategies, staffing, and equipment. Evaluates and monitors weather, vector activity, virus activity, and personnel workloads and assigns personnel as needed. Plans, organizes, directs, monitors, and evaluates vector control activities. Evaluates equipment, vehicles, and pesticides, makes operational purchases, and oversees the purchases of the Program Supervisors. Supervises and solves problematic situations arising from field related operations and complaints. Coordinates joint projects with other agencies and property owners. Manages and coordinates maintenance of pesticide dispersal equipment. Conducts studies and provides assistance in the development of operational methods and techniques.

Grounds and Facilities: Under the general direction of the General Manager, develops policies and procedures for the use of facilities and equipment, receives and reviews bids from facilities and equipment contractors, provides recommendation to the General Manager on contractor bid selection, coordinates work to be completed by contractors and skilled trades, coordinates safety inspections of District facilities and equipment, including but not limited to shop, office building, and grounds, directs the installation of hazard barricades or other devices as necessary, and coordinates preventive maintenance and emergency repairs of breakdowns. In addition, the Operations Manager is responsible for fire equipment and the enforcement of safety rules on any work grounds, facilitates disposal of District property, coordinates and supervises work performed on building systems, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and waste management disposal, responds to emergency situations after regular working hours, and performs related work as required.

Personnel: Is familiar with the principles and methods of personnel supervision in regards to Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, Memorandum of Understanding, as well as the District’s Employee Handbook and Policies and Procedures. Assists in the hiring and discharging of temporary employees, assists in the hiring process of regular, full-time personnel. Directly supervises the Program Supervisor, Vector Control Planner, and Mechanic/Technician positions, gives verbal and written warnings, and makes recommendations concerning further disciplinary action. Plans and conducts training of field employees with regards to operational procedures, safety, equipment and vehicle usage, pesticide use and safety, equipment calibration, and best practices in integrated vector management. Trains employees on policies and procedures and on the proper use and care of shop and spray equipment. Schedules, assigns, and establishes work standards for field employees. Assists the Program Supervisors in evaluating field employee work performance. Investigates field related accidents and incidents and complete required reports. Conducts employee meetings and various other meetings as necessary. Performs other administrative and/or field related supervisory or higher-level essential tasks as necessary to maintain facilities and operations.

Enforcement: Works with other governmental agencies and the private sector to coordinate and facilitate the goals of the District. Supervises and coordinates the issuance and posting of notices on properties, inspection warrants, and administrative citations as needed, and under the guidance of the General Manager makes determinations regarding the District’s abatement process. Attends any hearings involving District abatements. Coordinates enforcement with other governmental agencies.

Administrative and Reporting: Reviews pesticide usage for accuracy, makes corrections, and submits pesticide usage queries to the front office. Identifies and corrects data base errors, updates District records, and maintains facilities and operational records and files. Maintains training records for District employees, and updates training materials. Communicates verbally and/or in writing with residents, property owners, businesses, and government agencies. Provides verbal and/or written input on environmental issues, wetland restoration projects and wetland best management practices, storm water best management practices, and agriculture water management. Submits field related reports to the General Manager. Coordinates annual inspections with the County Agriculture Department and with the California Department of Public Health. Updates and rewrites existing policies and procedures when necessary. Assists with budget projections for facilities and operations. Reviews pesticide orders and inventory. Compiles and provides written information for the District’s Annual Report. Coordinates with aircraft contractors to provide surveillance and control of vectors for the District. Establishes contracts with property owners and government agencies for reimbursement of the District for services rendered. Maintains all safety and maintenance records in compliance with general construction safety orders, CAL OSHA standards, and other regulatory bodies as needed. Develops and implements the emergency preparedness plan for facilities and equipment, and provides input and assistance on the emergency preparedness plan for District personnel. Attends personnel and operational training sessions, classes, workshops, and seminars as needed to maintain or increase the level of expertise in all areas of the Operations Manager position. Remains up to date on regulations, codes or other applicable policies and procedures.

Presentations: Gives presentations to the District Board on field operations as needed. Gives presentations and represents the District at various city, county, regional, state, and national meetings and conferences. Provides interviews and photo opportunities to the media, as required.

General: Has the ability to compose and proof-read correspondence, uses problem solving techniques, and has very good verbal and written skills, demonstrates effective decision making skills. Works with and coordinates with other departments to assist in fulfilling the District’s mission. Oversees vector collections, efficacy studies, source reduction, wetland restoration, and public education efforts when it involves field employees. Performs other related, supervisory or higher level work as required to maintain operations and facilities in the absence of the General Manager.

Knowledge of the following is required to perform the essential function: District services, vector biology and habitat, vector control techniques, application of pesticides, occupational hazards and safety practices, best practices in integrated pest management, biological and chemical control; Use of vector control equipment, 4x4 trucks, specialty vehicles, and boats; Principles and methods of personnel supervision and training; Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, code enforcement, private property rights, and environmental laws and regulations. Wetland and storm water best management practices, creeks and watersheds, agriculture water management, and agricultural practices.

Ability to do the following is required to perform the essential function: Represent the District and work effectively and cooperatively with management, subordinates, other governmental agencies, businesses, and the public; Evaluate situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action; Communicate effectively, clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; Troubleshoot and analyze data, identify alternative solutions, and implement recommendations in support of District’s goals.

QUALIFYING TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: A combination of training and experience which demonstrates that a person has obtained the required knowledge and is able to perform the required work (with reasonable accommodation, if needed). Successful completion of a pre-employment physical examination, background check, and drug screen. Combinations of education, training, and experience may be considered qualifying at the sole discretion of the District.

A person with the following combined training and experience would typically qualify to compete in a selection process:

EDUCATION: Equivalent to graduating from High School, Bachelor’s :degree from an accredited college or university or graduate degree strongly preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Progressively responsible experience in a supervising or management capacity. Experience within the vector control or related discipline. Experience that demonstrates the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform the tasks above.

REQUIRED LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS, AND REGISTRATIONS: Must have a valid California driver's license and maintain a good driving record as required to be insured with the District’s self-insurance program using the accepted guidelines of the insurance provider. Must maintain valid license and insurability throughout employment. Must possess or obtain and maintain a valid California Department of Public Health Certification in Mosquito control categories A, B, C, and D within two years of employment.

Employment Conditions: Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime: Exempt

Appointment and Removal Authority: General Manager

Conditions of employment for all CCMVCD positions include successfully passing a Department of Justice LiveScan fingerprint check and completion of the Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, as well as a pre-employment physical.

Per Chapter 8, Division 4 of Title 1 of the California State Government Code, public employees are declared to be "Disaster Service Workers." As such, District employees may be called upon to support the activities of the District during an emergency situation.

Applicants requesting reasonable accommodation during any phase of the examination process are instructed to contact the Administrative Services Manager at (925) 771-6110. A complete Employment Application must be submitted to be considered for these positions.



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