In a Minute Videos

Welcome to our world. Join us as we eradicate a yellowjacket's nest, give chickens a blood test to detect West Nile virus, or see how we bait sewers under streets to control rats in the neighborhood. These one-minute videos take you right to the action as we control the insects and animals capable of transmitting disease to people or causing us harm.
Preventing Vector-borne Disease is Essential, Especially During a Pandemic Skunk Inspection Specifics Small Fish Make a Big Difference Protecting Public Health Protecting Public Health for 90 Years Marking a Yellowjacket Ground Nest
WNV Survivor: "Do You Remember Being Bitten?" WNV Survivor: "When Did David Start Experiencing Symptoms?" WNV Survivor: "What Symptoms Did You Experience?" WNV Survivor: "When Did You Realize The Illness Was Serious?" WNV Survivor: "How Long Did It Take Doctors To Diagnose?"
WNV Survivor: "What Was Your Biggest Frustration?" WNV Survivor: "What Was Involved In Your Recovery?" WNV Survivor: "What Do You Tell People Who Claim WNV Is No Big Deal?" Why We Need Your Mosquito Sample Why, When, and Where to Place Yellowjacket Traps
Why Trap Mosquitoes? Biting & Stinging Insect ID Clearing Brush from Creeks Computer Mapping and Mosquitoes Mosquito Counting/Species Identification
Pest Identification Dead Birds and West Nile Virus: The Link How to Control Mosquitoes in Water Trapped in Home Drainage Systems Rain Barrels Without Mosquitoes Testing for West Nile Virus Via Chickens
The Importance of Sentinel Chickens Ground-Nesting Yellowjackets Got Rats? Mice? Contact Us How Chickens and Paper Strips Help Battle West Nile  
Meet the Sentinel Chickens Mosquitoes Under Our Feet Mosquitoes Out in the Pasture What is a New Jersey Light Trap?  
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