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The District works closely with media to inform our residents of public health messages and current activities, such as adult mosquito fogging. Below are just some of the highlights of our media stories through the years. Please note that not all news stories are available or archived. Also, radio and print stories from 2013 and earlier are not archived on this website.



Yellowjacket Ground Nest Service Calls Up Significantly Mild Winter Equals More Yellowjackets in 2017 Vector Control Seeing an Increase Calls Regarding Yellowjackets Several Factors Resulting in Yellowjacket Population Uptick Contra Costa on Pace for One of the Busiest Yellowjacket Seasons


Concerns Regarding Zika Virus in the Bay Area Zika Virus Worrying Bay Area Residents


Rats Becoming an Issue in Pleasant Hill "It Takes a Village" to Reduce Rats and Mice Reasons Why Drought is Raising WNV Risk Historic Drought Causes High Number of Rodents Drought Conditions Creating Increased WNV Risk
Skunks Stinking Up the State Looking for Love        


West Nile Virus Still Present in Mosquitoes Mid-October West Nile Virus is an Alarming Example of Climate Change First Human Case of West Nile Virus in 2014 (KRON) First Human Case of West Nile Virus in 2014 (KTVU) Drought Year Still Means Mosquitoes
First West Nile Virus-Positive Bird Found in Alamo        


New Mosquito Species Pose a Threat Can a Fan Really Keep Mosquitoes at Bay? Climbing Temperatures Present Health Risks for Residents Hundreds of Rats Discovered at Danville Home


West Nile Virus-Positive Birds Found in Pleasant Hill Outreach Efforts for Brentwood Residents Regarding West Nile Virus Fogging in Brentwood After West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Found National Mosquito Control Awareness Week Prime Time for Tick Bites
15,000 Bites - All in the Name of Science and Research Entomologist Donates Blood for Data      


Late June Rain Means the Potential for More Mosquitoes WNV Testing Indicates Virus Activity in Concord Neighborhood First Human WNV Case in 2011: Positive Birds and Mosquitoes


Cooler Summer Temperatures Rise Suddenly, Prompt WNV Activity Fogging for Mosquitoes in Antioch


Partnering with Realtors to Curb Mosquito Production


ABC Nightline Feature on the Foreclosure Crisis Accessing Backyards Prove Difficult at Times Abandoned Homes Elevate West Nile Virus Risk Wall Street Journal Reports on Foreclosure Crisis 20-Year Wetlands Restoration Project Complete


Connecting Foreclosures to Neglected Pools and Mosquitoes Concerns Abound Regarding Increased Mosquito Production Mosquito Production Discovered at East Contra Costa Regional Preserve Young Man with West Nile Virus Inspecting Neglected Pools For Mosquitoes
District Welcomes Public to its Open House        


Central County Becomes Hot Spot for West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Discovered in Neglected Pools West Nile Virus Activity on the Upswing Impending Adult Mosquito Fogging Activity Virus-Positive Mosquitoes Signal Fogging Efforts
Reducing West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Human Cases and Fogging for Virus-Positive Mosquitoes First Human Fatality from West Nile Virus Preparing for West Nile Virus  


The Arrival of West Nile Virus to Contra Costa County
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