Public Affairs

Our multiple award-winning communication vehicles and plethora of outreach efforts enable us to communicate and connect with our constituents in Contra Costa County. We remain committed to our residents and strive to provide the best possible service. In order to ensure that we do just that, we conduct comprehensive community surveys every five years, one of only a few vector control agencies in the nation to do so. We also survey our residents on a weekly basis to rate their satisfaction with the District and to learn where we can focus our efforts in communications, resources, and services. We understand the fundamental issues surrounding community health and the desire for superior public service.

Presentations are:

Free of Charge
Tailored for each group, business, or issue
Scheduled based on your availability
Available to any group or business of 20 or more people
Typically, 10 minutes to one hour in length

Presentation topics available:

West Nile Virus
Rats and Mice

General Presentation:

Our Programs and Services

West Nile Virus

Rats and Mice




A Combination of the Above Topics

1st-5th Grade School Children:

Meet the Mosquitoes!

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