Rats and Mice

image Homeowners, business owners or any group in Contra Costa County can request a site visit to assist them with rodent issues by phoning the District or making an online service request.

District services include rat and/or mouse identification (rat and/or mouse need not be present) and advice for prevention and control. We make house calls. Detailed report is issued upon request.

District employees do not bait nor set traps, but provide valuable, detailed information, guidance and recommendations.


image Rodent-Borne Disease in Contra Costa County

Rats and their fleas are capable of transmitting a variety of human diseases including plague. While there have not been many recent reports of plague in Contra Costa County, the potential for an outbreak may increase as rat populations expand into rural areas. READ MORE.


image Rat Services for County Residents

Learn how our free services for rats and mice can help residents of Contra Costa County by viewing this video.


imageRat and Mouse Prevention and Control

Information detailing what you can do to deter rats and mice from coming onto or into your property. READ MORE.


image Previnir y controlar las ratas

La información relativa a lo que puede hacer para evitar que las ratas y los ratones entren en su propiedad.


image Why Vacuuming and Sweeping Droppings Can be a Health Hazard

Rats and mice are dangerous from a public health standpoint because they can transmit disease through their waste. For that reason, properly removing rodent feces and urine is very important. READ MORE.


image Facts About Hantavirus

Infection with hantavirus can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which can be fatal. READ MORE.


image Rodent Prevention and Control Video

This video details steps you can take to keep rats and mice off of your property and out of your home.


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