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imageThe Public Affairs Department personnel work closely with county constituents. Community Affairs Representatives provide general and tailored presentations to various groups such as rotary clubs, public works agencies, homeowner associations, and school children (first through 12th grade) of 12 or more people.

Presentations include hands-on demonstrations, access to essential literature, and thorough question and answer sessions that provide the public with the knowledge to reduce vectors and understand potential health risks associated with them. The District currently offers three complete presentations, which include "West Nile Virus," "Rodent Prevention," as well as a "General Presentation" that details vectors and their habitats and delves into greater detail regarding services the District provides to county residents free of charge. District personnel also participate in a variety of events, workshops, and community discussions. We also invite you and your group to come and visit our District for a free tour of our facility, including our outdoor mosquito fish hatchery, along with an informative presentation!

Please fill out the form below completely and be sure to include your contact information so that a member of the Public Affairs Department can respond promptly to further discuss/solidify a date and time regarding conducting a presentation. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you and members of your community organization and provide valuable information regarding our District!

Presentations/attending events by District staff are limited to communities within Contra Costa County only.

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