Elementary School Program


imageThe Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District’s free Mosquito School program is now available for reservations for fall and spring of the current school year. The program is designed for students in grades two through five. It consists of hands-on activities involving live mosquitoes and information on lifecycle, habitat, food sources, disease transmission, and role in the food web. The material is compliant with the California Department of Education Science Content Standards Curriculum.

Mosquito School is available in two formats:

* CCMVCD Employee Conducted Presentation at School Site
* CCMVCD Field trip


The CCMVCD Employee Conducted Presentation at School Site includes:

* Mosquito School PowerPoint presentation conducted by a CCMVCD Employee
* A Bug Workbook with interesting facts about mosquitoes and other insects
* Students work on these books while taking turns visiting a display table of live larval and adult mosquitoes along with other mosquito-related
information and displays.
* This program is designed to last one class period for one class or assembly setting.

The CCMVCD Field trip includes:

* Mosquito School presentation conducted by a CCMVCD Employee (instead of DVD)
* Display items featuring the other vectors for which CCMVCD has free services
* Tour of the District including a visit to the state-of-the-art laboratory and the fish hatchery which is the birthplace of 1 million mosquito-eating fish yearly!
* The District’s Entomologist and or Biologist may be available for Q & A.
* The presentation and tour generally take about one hour.

Click here to schedule a free presentation.

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