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Categorized below are videos highlighting our District services, programs, as well as recent and archived media coverage. You can also view videos ranging from our environmental efforts to our collaboration with other professional entities. Our In a Minute videos provide insight with regard to "who we are" and "what we do" as well - be sure to check out those videos as well.

Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

Mosquito Control and Why It's Important to You (courtesy of Bayer) Mosquito Control Matters How to Properly Apply Mosquito Repellent (English and Spanish) What to Expect When We're Fogging for Adult Mosquitoes How to Report a Dead Bird
Realtors and Vector Control Working Together The Amazing Mosquito Life Cycle District's Role in Peyton Slough Wetlands Restoration District Mosquito Surveillance and Control District Integrated Mosquito Management
The Science Behind Mosquito Control West Nile Virus: Are We Prepared? (2003) Are YOU Raising Mosquitoes in Your Backyard? Local News Stories - 56 Videos Currently in Archive One Pool - One Million Mosquitoes PSA
ABC Nightline Feature on the District (2008) 100 Years of Fighting Mosquitoes in California      

Local News Stories

56 Videos Currently in Archive

West Nile Virus Survivor Stories

One Mosquito Bite Can Change a Life Forever Byron, Age 72 Max, Age 51 Haga clic aquí para la versión española Lorrie, Age 42
West Nile Virus Survivor Stories San Joaquin Judge Stricken with West Nile      

District Mosquitofish Program and Fisheries Research

District Mosquitofish Program (1997) Captive Spawning Between Sacramento Perch and Rock Bass Larval Filament Sacramento Perch Spawning in Captivity California Roach Spawning in Captivity

District Vertebrate Program Videos

Historic Drought Causes High Number of Rodents (2015) FREE Rat Services for Contra Costa Residents Rodent Prevention & Control Presentation End the Rat Race (courtesy San Diego Vector Control)

District Yellowjacket Ground Nest Program Videos

Yellowjacket Ground Nest Service Calls Up Significantly Mild Winter Equals More Yellowjackets in 2017 Vector Control Seeing an Increase Calls Regarding Yellowjackets Several Factors Resulting in Yellowjacket Population Uptick Contra Costa on Pace for One of the Busiest Yellowjacket Seasons

Public Service Announcements

Lindsay Wagner Talks About Dumping Standing Water One Pool - One Million Mosquitoes PSA I Am One - West Nile Virus PSA
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