2014 West Nile Virus Activity


This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

For information regarding human cases, please click here.

Mosquito Samples: 25

n Date Collected City Cross Streets Species
1 6/23/14 Knightsen Holland Tract Area Culex tarsalis
2 7/7/14 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Drive Culex pipiens
3 7/7/14 Martinez I-680 x Waterfront Road Culex tarsalis
4 7/14/14 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Drive x Marina Road Culex pipiens
5 7/16/14 Discovery Bay Bixler road x Balfour Road Culex pipiens
6 7/17/14 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Drive x Wayfarer Drive Culex tarsalis
7 7/23/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract Levee Culex tarsalis
8 8/6/14 Discovery Bay Point of Timber Road x Bixler Road Culex pipiens
9 8/12/14 Discovery Bay Highway 4 x Western Farms Ranch Road Culex pipiens
10 8/13/14 Concord David Avenue x Cayce Court Culex tarsalis
11 8/19/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract SE Culex pipiens
12 8/19/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex pipiens
13 8/19/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex tarsalis
14 8/19/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex tarsalis
15 8/20/14 Discovery Bay Bixler Road x Point of Timber Road Culex pipiens
16 8/18/14 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Drive Culex pipiens
17 8/25/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex pipiens
18 8/26/14 Discovery Bay Bixler Rd. x Point of Timber Rd. Culex pipiens
19 8/27/14 Discovery Bay Willow Lake Rd. x Beaver Ln. Culex pipiens
20 9/11/14 Brentwood Orwood Tract Culex pipiens
21 9/16/14 Discovery Bay Agricultural Area Culex pipiens
22 9/22/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex tarsalis
23 10/6/14 Discovery Bay Byron Tract NW Culex pipiens
24 10/13/14 Knightsen Holland Tract Area Culex tarsalis
25 10/13/14 Pittsburg Willow Pass Rd. x Enterprise Cir. Culex tarsalis

Dead Birds: 44

n Date Reported City Cross Streets Species
1 4/23/14 Alamo Danville Blvd. x Camille Ave. American Crow
2 5/18/14 Pleasant Hill Monument Blvd. x Mohr Ln. American Crow
3 6/9/14 San Ramon Norris Canyon Rd. x Bollinger Canyon Rd. American Crow
4 614/14 Oakley Empire Ave. x Main St. American Crow
5 6/17/14 Oakley Empire Ave. x Hemlock Dr. American Crow
6 6/17/14 Oakley Empire Ave. x Hemlock Dr. American Crow
7 6/20/14 Brentwood Lone Tree Wy x O'Hara Ave. American Crow
8 6/25/14 Antioch Hillcrest Ave. x Sunset. Dr. American Crow
9 6/26/14 San Ramon Bollinger Canyon Rd. x Norris Canyon Rd. American Crow
10 7/2/14 Bethel Island Bethel Island Rd. x Gateway Rd. American Crow
11 7/9/14 Walnut Creek Arroyo Wy. x N. Broadway American Crow
12 7/10/14 Oakley Kay Ave. x O'Hara Ave. Western Scrub Jay
13 7/13/14 Antioch Camby Rd. x G St. Western Scrub Jay
14 7/14/14 Brentwood Foothill Dr. x Balfour Rd. American Crow
15 7/16/14 Danville Hartford Rd. x Danville Blvd. American Crow
16 7/17/14 Antioch Hargrove St. x E. 18th St. American Crow
17 7/17/14 Brentwood Minnesota Ave. x Windmeadows Dr. Western Scrub Jay
18 7/21/14 Antioch Judsonville Dr. x Hansen Dr. Western Scrub Jay
19 7/23/14 Concord Bancroft Rd. x Hookston Rd. Western Scrub Jay
20 7/29/14 Pinole Mann Drive X Appian Way Western Scrub Jay
21 8/6/14 Concord Ryan Road x Wilmore Avenue American Crow
22 8/6/14 Alamo Stone Valley Road x Roundhill Road American Crow
23 8/7/14 Danville Montcrest Place x Love Lane Western Scrub Jay
24 8/7/14 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Dr. x Wayfarer Dr. American Crow
25 8/10/14 Concord David Ave. x Getoun Dr. American Crow
26 8/11/14 Brentwood Burghley Ln. x Centennial Dr. American Crow
27 8/20/14 Concord Treat Blvd. x San Simeon Dr. American Crow
28 8/21/14 Walnut Creek Oak Rd. x Jones Rd. American Crow
29 8/21/14 Concord Whitman Rd. x W Gilardy Dr. American Crow
30 8/27/14 Walnut Creek Bancroft Rd. x Treat Blvd. American Crow
31 8/28/14 Danville Harlan Dr. x St. Helena Dr. American Crow
32 9/2/14 Walnut Creek Walnut Ave. x Warwick Dr. Western Scrub Jay
33 9/2/14 Oakley Empire Ave. x Truman Ln. American Crow
34 9/2/14 Brentwood Forest View Common x Central Blvd. American Crow
35 9/4/14 Brentwood Payne Ave. x Walnut Blvd. Western Scrub Jay
36 9/8/14 San Ramon Broadmoor Dr. x Pine Valley Rd. American Crow
37 9/8/14 Orinda Altamount Dr. x Moraga Wy. Stellar's Jay
38 9/12/14 Danville Verona Ave. x Love Ln. American Crow
39 9/15/14 San Ramon Ascot Dr. x Broadmoor Dr. American Crow
40 9/21/14 Danville Camino Ramon x El Capitan Dr. American Crow
41 9/24/14 Discovery Bay Clubhouse Dr. x Edgeview Dr. American Crow
42 9/29/14 Martinez Glacier Dr. x Olympic Dr. Western Scrub Jay
43 10/8/14 Alamo Royal Oaks Dr. x Peake Pl. American Crow
44 10/12/14 Danville Camino Ramon x Joaquin Dr. American Crow

Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 3 (15 Chickens)

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.

#/10 Date Bleed Area
1/10 6/16/14 Holland Tract
3/10 6/30/14 Holland Tract
1/10 7/14/14 Holland Tract
1/10 7/14/14 Oakley
1/10 7/28/14 Holland Tract
1/10 8/11/14 Holland Tract
1/10 8/11/14 Oakley
3/10 8/11/14 Walnut Creek
1/10 8/25/14 Walnut Creek
1/10 9/22/14 Holland Tract
1/10 10/20/14 Holland Tract

Horses: 0

n Date Reported City Dead/Euthanized
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