2018 West Nile Virus Activity


This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens, and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

For information regarding human cases, please click here.


Mosquito Samples: 17

n Date Collected City Cross Streets Species
1 7/11/18 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Drive x Hwy 4 Culex pipiens
2 7/16/18


Agricultural Area East of Brentwood

Orwood Road x Levee Road Culex tarsalis
3 7/30/18 Discovery Bay Marina Rd x Willow Lake Rd Culex pipiens
4 8/1//18 Oakley E. Summer Lake Dr x Cypress Rd Culex tarsalis
5 8/8/18 Discovery Bay Willow Lake Rd x Discovery Bay Blvd Culex pipiens
6 8/13/18 Holland Tract Area Holland Tract Culex tarsalis
7 8/13/18 Martinez Waterfront Rd Mococo Rd Culex tarsalis
8 8/9/18 Oakley Blue Lake Ct x Clear Lake Dr Culex pipiens
9 8/15/18 Discovery Bay Bixler Rd x Point of Timber Rd Culex tarsalis
10 8/15/18 Quimby Island Quimby Island Culex tarsalis
11 8/20/18 Discovery Bay Cherry Hills Dr. x Hwy 4 Culex pipiens
12 8/20/18 Byron Rankin Rd x Western Farms Ranch Rd Culex tarsalis
13 8/22/18 Brentwood Fertado Ln x Ellisa Ln. Culex pipiens
14 8/29/18 Quimby Island Quimby Island Culex tarsalis
15 8/29/18  Brentwood Eden Plains Rd x Arabian Ln Culex pipiens
16 9/11/18  Quimby Island Quimby Island Culex tarsalis
17 9/17/18  Bethel Island Stone Rd Culex tarsalis

Dead Birds: 13

n Date Reported City Cross Streets Species
1 7/29/18 Brentwood

Sycamore Ave x Garin Pky

California Scrub-Jay
2 8/5/18 Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Blvd x Willow Lake Rd

California Scrub-Jay
3 8/5/18 Discovery Bay

Dune Point Wy x Dune Point Pl

California Scrub-Jay
4 8/8/18 Brentwood Walnut Blvd x Carnegie Ln American Crow
5 8/15/18 Brentwood Fertado Ln x Ellisa Ln American Crow
6 8/15/18 Discovery Bay Wayfarer Dr x Cherry Hills Dr American Crow
7 8/15/18 Antioch Valley Wy x Ridgeview Dr American Crow
8 8/15/18 Concord Concord Blvd x Crestwood Cir California Scrub Jay
9 8/28/18 Martinez Blum Rd x Alan Wy California Scrub Jay
10 8/29/18 Discovery Bay Westport Cir x N Lakefront Loop American Crow          
11 8/30/18 Discovery Bay Greenfield Wy x Greenfield Ct American Crow          
12 9/12/18 Oakley Main St x Norcross Ln American Crow          
13 9/27/18 Brentwood Fertado Ln x Marsh Creek Rd American Crow          

Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 3

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.

#/10 Date Bleed Area
7 7/2/18 Holland Tract
3 7/16/18 Martinez
3 8/13/18 Holland Tract
1 9/10/18 Martinez
1 9/10/18 Oakley
1 9/24/18 Oakley

Horses: 0

n Date Reported City Dead/Euthanized
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