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2007 West Nile Virus Activity

This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens, and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

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 For information regarding human cases, please click here.


Mosquito Samples: 28
nDate CollectedCityCross StreetsSpecies
18/6AntiochMadill/A Stpipiens
28/6OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avetarsalis
38/6OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avetarsalis
48/6OakleyLaurel/Ohara Avetarsalis
68/13OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avepipiens
78/13Antioch8th Street/A Sttarsalis
98/15Antioch8th Street/A Sttarsalis
108/15AntiochPleasant Pl/A Stpipiens
118/15OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avetarsalis
128/17AntiochPleasant Place/A Sttarsalis
138/17OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avetarsalis
148/17AntiochSW Lake Drtarsalis
158/17AntiochSW Lake Drtarsalis
188/17Antioch8th Street/A Stpipiens
198/17Antioch8th Street/A Sttarsalis
208/17Antioch8th Street/A Sttarsalis
218/20AntiochPleasant Pl/A Stpipiens
248/23Antioch8th St/A Sttarsalis
258/23Antioch8th St/A Sttarsalis
268/24OakleyWoodhaven/Ohara Avetarsalis
278/30Antioch8th St/A Sttarsalis
Dead Birds: 29
nDate ReportedCityCross StreetsSpecies
16/19LafayettePeacock Blvd/N. LucilleHouse Finch
26/26OakleyMontevino Way/Oakley RdCrow
37/2OakleySalgado Way/Covered WagonCrow
47/2BrentwoodDelta Road/Eden PlainsCrow
57/12Bay PointAshbury Way/Dover WayCrow
66/27San RamonAdams Place/Pine Vly StScrub Jay
76/28LafayetteSpring Hill Rd/Pleasant Hill RdSteller's Jay
87/11ConcordDeer Spring Cir/Crystal Ranch RdCA Towhee
97/23OakleyWoodmont Pl/Woodglen DrCrow
107/17AntiochTexas/D StScrub Jay
117/18AlamoHeritage Oaks/OakraiderCA Towhee
127/18San RamonAscension Dr/Bollinger CnyMagpie?
138/8Walnut CreekSan Benito/San CarlosLovebird
148/15Walnut CreekWalnut Blvd/Oro Valley CirLesser Goldfinch
158/15AntiochYellowstone Dr/Yellowstone CtScrub Jay
168/20AntiochBadger Pass/Lone TreeCrow
179/5AntiochSomerset Pl/Plymouth LnScrub Jay
189/5AntiochNorthridge Ct/Sunset DrScrub Jay
199/7OakleySimoni Ranch/Hwy 4Crow
209/10KnightsenEden Plains/Sunset RdCrow
219/11AntiochBiglow Dr/18thScrub Jay
228/24OrindaRheem Blvd/Calvin DrScrub Jay
239/18KnightsenKnightsen Ave/Delta RdCrow
249/19AntiochGentrytown Dr/Putnam StCrow
259/26OakleyOrchard Oaks Ct/Gum TreeCrow
269/30BrentwoodWalnut Blvd/Balfour RdCrow
2810/8BrentwoodToscanna Ct/ContinenteScrub Jay
2910/9San RamonMetairie/Alcosta BlvdKite


Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 1
#/10Date BleedArea

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.


Horses: 0
nDate ReportedCityDead/Euthanized