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2010 West Nile Virus Activity

This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens, and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

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 For information regarding human cases, please click here.


Mosquito Samples: 4
nDate CollectedCityCross StreetsSpecies
18/4OakleyEmpire Ave. x El Monte Dr.Culex pipiens
29/8OakleyWalnut Meadows Dr. x Fetzer Ln.Culex tarsalis
39/15BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Sunset Blvd.Culex pipiens
49/22AntiochLone Tree Way x Deer Valley Rd.Culex pipiens
Dead Birds: 8
nDate ReportedCityCross StreetsSpecies
17/28OakleyW. Cypress x O'Hara Ave.Western Scrub Jay
28/12OakleyOakley Rd. x Oak Ave.Western Scrub Jay
38/17BrentwoodSand Creek Pkwy. x Brentwood Blvd.American Crow
48/9BrentwoodMinnesota Ave. x Fairview Ave.Western Scrub Jay
59/22OakleyFetzer Ln. x Jordan Ln.American Crow
69/28BrentwoodFirst St. x Fir St.American Crow
79/28AntiochJames Donlon Blvd. x Silverado Dr.American Crow
810/8Walnut CreekS. Main St. x Newell Ave.American Crow


Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 3
#/10Date BleedArea
2/108/30Holland Tract
1/109/14Holland Tract

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.


Horses: 0
nDate ReportedCityDead/Euthanized