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2013 West Nile Virus Activity

This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens, and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

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 For information regarding human cases, please click here.


Mosquito Samples: 13
nDate CollectedCityCross StreetsSpecies
16/27/13Discovery BayBixler Rd. x Point of Timber Rd.tarsalis
27/1/13Discovery BayBixler Rd. x Point of Timber Rd.tarsalis
37/1/13Discovery BayBixler Rd. x Point of Timber Rd.pipiens
47/8/13Discovery BayCherry Hills Dr.pipiens
58/19/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Spruce St.tarsalis
68/20/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Sunset Rd.tarsalis
78/20/13BrentwoodSilverton Wy. x Cambrian Pl.pipiens
88/20/13BrentwoodEastwood Ct. x St. Regis Ave.pipiens
98/20/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Spruce St.pipiens
108/21/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Spruce St.tarsalis
118/26/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Sunset Rd.tarsalis
128/26/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Sunset Rd.pipiens
139/16/13Antioch8th St. x A St.tarsalis
Dead Birds: 68
nDate ReportedCityCross StreetsSpecies
16/26/13AntiochYellowstone Dr. x Hillcrest Ave.American Crow
27/2/13BrentwoodMarsh Creek Rd. x Byron HwyAmerican Crow
37/8/13BrentwoodBalfour Rd. x Walnut Blvd.American Crow
47/10/13ConcordConcord Blvd. x Baily Rd.American Crow
57/12/13AlamoDanville Blvd. x Camille Ave.American Crow
67/17/13PittsburgWest Leland Rd. x Crestview Dr.American Crow
77/22/13PittsburgRailroad Ave. x Buchanan Rd.American Crow
87/21/13ConcordClayton Rd. x Denkinger Rd.American Crow
97/22/13BrentwoodSand Creek Rd. x Minnesota Ave.American Crow
107/22/13OakleyLaurel Rd. x Main St.American Crow
117/11/13AntiochWest 11th St. x H St.Western Scrub Jay
127/28/13Walnut CreekBuena Vista Ave. x 1st Ave.American Crow
137/18/13AntiochHillcrest Ave. x Via Dora Dr.Western Scrub Jay
147/29/13PittsburgWillow Pass Rd. x Seasons Dr.Western Scrub Jay
157/29/13DanvilleGreenbrook Dr. x Camino RamonAmerican Crow
167/30/13BrentwoodSunset Rd. x Byron HwyAmerican Crow
177/31/13Walnut CreekTreat Blvd. x Bancroft Rd.American Crow
187/31/13ConcordColfax St. x Clayton Rd.American Crow
197/31/13DanvilleGreenbrook Dr. x Camino RamonAmerican Crow
208/1/13Walnut CreekWalnut Ave. x Las Lomas WyWestern Scrub Jay
218/1/13Discovery BayBixler Rd. x Marsh Creek Rd.American Crow
228/2/13BrentwoodSunset Rd. x North Eden Plains Rd.American Crow
238/2/13BrentwoodEagle Ln. x Byron HwyAmerican Crow
248/4/13Brentwood2nd St. x Brentwood Blvd.American Crow
258/5/13Discovery BayBixler Rd. x Hwy 4American Crow
268/5/13PittsburgLoveridge Rd. x Buchanan Rd.American Crow
277/24/13BrentwoodFairview Ave. x Central Blvd.American Crow
287/24/13BrentwoodBalfour Rd. x Sellers Ave.American Crow
297/30/13Antioch8th St. x A St.Red-Shouldered Hawk
308/7/13PittsburgMeadows Ave. x Buchanan Rd.American Crow
318/6/13Walnut CreekBuena Vista Ave. x 1st Ave.American Crow
328/7/13BrentwoodBalfour Rd. x Guthrie Ln.American Crow
338/8/13MartinezChurch St. x Pleasant Hill Rd.Western Scrub Jay
348/2/13AntiochDelta Fair Blvd. x Belle Dr.American Crow
358/6/13Bethel IslandPiper Rd. x Gateway Rd.Swainson's Hawk
368/12/13OakleyOakley Rd. x Neroly Rd.American Crow
378/13/13BrentwoodO'Hara Ave. x Lone Tree Wy.Western Scrub Jay
388/14/13BrentwoodChestnut St. x Garin PkwyAmerican Crow
398/15/13ConcordClayton Rd. x Ygnacio Valley RdAmerican Crow
408/19/13AntiochSycamore St. x L St.American Crow
418/19/13ConcordOrange St. x Apple Dr.American Crow
428/19/13MartinezAlhambra Valley Rd. x Vaca Creek Rd.American Crow
438/20/13AntiochPrewett Ranch Dr. x Mokelumne Dr.American Crow
448/20/13BrentwoodSycamore Ave. x Brentwood Blvd.American Crow
458/20/13ConcordDiamond Blvd. x Galaxy Wy.American Crow
468/21/13Walnut CreekFirst Ave. Buena Vista Ave.American Crow
478/26/13BrentwoodJennifer St. x Garin Pkwy.American Crow
488/14/13BrentwoodNewton Dr. x Apple Hill Dr.Western Scrub Jay
498/14/13BrentwoodSand Creek Rd. x Highland Wy.American Crow
508/26/13OakleyQuail Valley Run x Laurel Rd.American Crow
518/27/13BrentwoodSellers Ave. x Sunset Rd.American Crow
528/27/13ConcordKirker Pass Rd. x Concord Blvd.American Crow
538/28/13PittsburgW. Leland Rd. x Burton Ave.Western Scrub Jay
548/29/13Bethel IslandSugar Barge Rd. x Riverview Dr.American Crow
558/21/13BrentwoodSunset Rd. x Brentwood Blvd.American Crow
569/4/13BrentwoodGarin Pkwy. x Balfour Rd.American Crow
579/5/13LafayetteHolland Dr. x Pleasant Hill Rd.Western Scrub Jay
589/5/13DanvilleBradford Pl. x Del Amigo Rd.American Crow
599/5/13AntiochW 10th St. x L St.American Crow
609/5/13DanvilleDiablo Rd. x El Cerro Blvd.American Crow
619/8/13ConcordThornwood Dr. x Clayton Rd.American Crow
629/9/13LafayetteSweet Dr. x Carlyle Terr.Western Scrub Jay
639/18/13BrentwoodEagle Rock Ave. x Foothill Dr.Western Scrub Jay
649/23/13MartinezCenter Ave. x Muir Rd.American Crow
6510/1/13Walnut CreekBeacon Ridge Ln. x Green Valley Dr.Western Scrub Jay
6610/3/13ConcordElario Ln. x Kaski Ln.Western Scrub Jay
6710/4/13Pleasant HillOak Park Blvd. x Pleasant Hill Rd.American Crow
6810/11/13AlamoGolden Grass Dr. x Stone Valley RdAmerican Crow


Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 3
#/10Date BleedArea
3/108/12/13Holland Tract
1/108/26/13Holland Tract
1/109/9/13Holland Tract

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.


Horses: 0
nDate ReportedCityDead/Euthanized