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2022 West Nile Virus Activity

This map details mosquitoes, dead birds, chickens, and horses that have tested positive for West Nile virus. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the placemarkers to get a detailed description of the date the positive activity was confirmed and the approximate location.

For information regarding human cases, please click here.

 Mosquito Samples: 13

nDate CollectedCityCross StreetsSpecies

18/10/20ByronByron Hwy x Rankin RdCulex tarsalis

28/17/20KnightsenPalm TractCulex pipiens

38/24/20Discovery BayCherry Hills Dr x Hwy 4Culex pipiens

48/25/20BrentwoodFrench Dr x Fletcher LnCulex tarsalis

58/25/20BrentwoodFrench Dr x Fletcher LnCulex pipiens

68/25/20BrentwoodOutrigger Cir x Breakwater WyCulex pipiens

78/25/20BrentwoodBougainvilla Dr Walnut BlvdCulex tarsalis

88/31/20BrentwoodElkins Wy x Iparq WyCulex pipiens

99/8/20Discovery BayCherry Hills Dr x Wayfarer DrCulex tarsalis

109/8/20BrentwoodRutherford Cir x Devonshire LpCulex tarsalis

119/8/20BrentwoodRutherford Cir x Devonshire LpCulex pipiens

129/21/20BrentwoodElkins Wy x Iparq WyCulex pipiens

139/21/20MartinezInterstate 680 x Waterfront RdCulex tarsalis

 Dead Birds:22

nDate ReportedCityCross StreetsSpecies

18/15/20MartinezAlhambra Ave x Alhambra Valley RdCA Scrub Jay

28/22/20BrentwoodRutherford Cir x Devonshire LpCA Scrub Jay

38/22/20BrentwoodPeachwillow Dr x Central BlvdAmerican Crow

48/23/20BrentwoodMcClaren Rd x French DrAmerican Crow

58/24/20AntiochDallas Ranch Rd x Prewett Ranch DrAmerican Crow

68/25/20BrentwoodArmstrong Rd x Walnut BlvdAmerican Crow

78/25/20BrentwoodCrescent Dr x Claremont DrCA Scrub Jay

88/29/20BrentwoodIronwood Dr x San Jose DrCA Scrub Jay

98/30/20Discovery BaySand Point Rd x Discovery Bay BlvdAmerican Crow

108/31/20BrentwoodSand Creek Rd x Highland WyCA Scrub Jay

118/31/20BrentwoodPescara Blvd x Castello Ranch RdAmerican Crow

128/31/20BrentwoodAutumn Valley Wy x Sutter Creek WyCA Scrub Jay

139/2/20BrentwoodWoodside Dr x Minnesota AveAmerican Crow

149/3/20ConcordRicardo Dr x Salvio StAmerican Crow

159/8/20BrentwoodBrookwood Ct x Glenwillow DrCA Scrub Jay

169/19/20Walnut CreekWimbledon Rd x Ygnacio Valley RdAmerican Crow

179/21/20BrentwoodSofia Ct x Antica DrCA Scrub Jay

1810/3/20BrentwoodBalfour Rd x Bixler RdCA Scrub Jay

199/28/20BrentwoodArmstron Rd x Carey LnAmerican Crow

2010/6/20ConcordMinert Rd x Waltrip LnCA Scrub Jay

2110/8/20BrentwoodCipriani Pl x La Pergola DrAmerican Crow

221014/20BrentwoodGiotto Dr x Sofia WyAmerican Crow

 Sentinel Chicken Flocks: 3

Note: Chickens do not die from West Nile virus. They develop antibodies to the virus which is detected in their blood.

#/10Date BleedArea

2/109/8Holland Tract




 Horses: 0

nDate ReportedCityDead/Euthanized