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Yellowjackets are beneficial insects that eat garden pests and pollinate crops through daily foraging; however, they are also considered a vector since they can cause people discomfort or be dangerous to individuals who are allergic to their venom.

The District provides inspection and treatment of ground-nesting yellowjackets since these species are aggressive toward people. We do not provide a service for other species of yellowjackets, nor those that make their nest on or in structures.

For ground-nesting yellowjackets, simply locate the nest and call us for service or make an online service request. The nest’s location must be identified and the location shared with District employees. This can be achieved by drawing a map or identifying the site with a marker (red sock, garden glove, etc.) and alerting the technician ahead of time.

Once you have requested District service do not attempt to do anything to the nest. The nest must be dry and untreated for the District to treat it. 

 Yellowjacket Control

Brochure on yellowjacket control.